No offensive ads, central bank tells MFS providers

Staff reporter,

Mobile financial services (MFS), e-wallets, and e-money service providers have been instructed not to broadcast commercials that are offensive to their market competitors.

In a circular issued Sunday, the Bangladesh Bank’s Payment Systems Department said it is being noticed that some MFS providers are attacking each other with sarcastic and offensive commercials, which is undesirable.

Commercials, publicities and advertisements will have to be devoid of such attacking behaviour. Those must comply with the National Broadcast Policy-2014, said the circular.

Recently, two MFS providers started promoting commercials and social media contents demeaning each other.

Brac Bank’s bKash, Postal Department’s Nagad and Dutch-Bangla Bank’s Rocket now are at the forefront of the country’s mobile financial services.

As the number of active mobile banking customers increased amid the pandemic last year, the volume of daily and monthly transactions also increased simultaneously. Besides, transactions through mobile banking for shopping also have been on a gradual rise.